replacement Ink Pads

A range of complimentary products: replacement pads to fit all self-inking stamp models; stamp pads for use with traditional rubber stamps; stamp pad ink to re-ink all brands of stamp pads and pre-inked stamps.


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Replacement Pads - Self Inking Stamps

Replacement ink pads, to fit all self-inking stamp models, are available in 5 different colours: black, blue, red, green, and violet. Two colour ink pads are also available in red and blue.


Stamp pads stamps Traditional

A range of Standard Stamp Pads and Micro Stamp Pads for use with traditional rubber stamps. Micro Stamp Pads are made with a unique pre-inked microporous material, which will not dry out, even if left open.



Stamp pad ink, which is suitable for all brands of re-inkable stamp pads. Available in Black, Red, Blue, Green and Violet. As well as b

Multi Colour Rubber Stamp Impressions

Stamp Racks

Stamp rack for up to 8 rubber stamps. Seldom does an office use just one stamp - different documents require different stamps. So that order prevails on the desktop, Trodat offers practical stamp holders for hand stamps.


Trodat stamp racks bring order and clarity to your desktop ensuring that the right stamp is always on hand for any occasion.


The stamps are stored in a space-saving manner taking up no unnecessary space on the desktop.