Personalised Pens

A unique range combining quality writing instruments with a built-in stamp and ink pad, so that you can print your own personalised message, such as your name, email and telephone number. Up to 3 or 4 lines of text is possible, depending on the model.


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Classic, slim ballpoint pen with a stamp allowing 3 lines of personalised text, available in 7 different designs and colours.

Custom Personalised Pen



Traditional fountain pen with a stamp allowing 4 lines of personalised text. Available in two deifferent designs. He stamping mechanism is integrated in the rear part of the fountain pen and can easily be removed as a separate part.

Custom Personalised Pens


Classic style, ballpoint pen with a stamp allowing 4 lines of text. Available in 7 different designs. Imprint area: 9 mm x 35 mm, maximum lines: 4

Custom Personalisesd Pens


Twin Ballpoint with Stamp

An innovative and modern ballpoint pen available in 6 bold colour combinations. The integrated stamp is revealed by holding the pen upside down and simply pressing the clip, and allows up to 4 lines of personalised text.

Custom Personalised Pen with stamp
Custom Personalised Pens