Multicolor Impression

Pioneer is now offering Multi Color Impression! We are the first company which delivers MCI on a high-tech and patented production process. Individual colour stamps from Trodat are the new stars of the stamp world. Stamp makers can cater for their customers’ individuality. Exclusively from Trodat. A wide range of colors for your stamp impression – because life is colorful!


Colour is vitality, colour is emotion, colour creates personality, colour makes for greater prominence. With Multi Color Impression Trodat supplies a unique technique for stamp impressions that are as colourful as real life. Multi Color Impression - your individual impression, beautifully printed in a multitude of colours.


IMPRINTS - AS COLOURFUL AS THE WORLD Stamp impressions by Trodat are as colourful as life. This is why individual colour stamps by Trodat are the stars of the stamp world.

Multicolor stamp Printy Line

Click through for custom Multicolour Self Inking Printy Rubber Stamps. A fully personalised rubber stamp can be designed online using the design platform.


Multicolour 5206 Professional Line

Click through to design a pre-inked custom multicolour impression rubber stamp. A colourful impression creates a more corperate and professional look. for our company. Imprint size multicolor: 55 x 32 mm, max. 8 lines.


Replacement Pads

Multicolour replacement ink pads for both the Trodat Printy and Professional lines. Replacement ink pads come as standard in multiple packs of two replacement ink pads.


Multi Color - Use the COLOUR ADVANTAGE

  • Stand out from the competition with these individual, multi-coloured stamps.
  • Colourful stamp impressions incorporating symbols or company logos in line with your corporate design.
  • Choose from a wide range of attractive colours. Stamp design is easy and convenient.
  • The Multi Color stamps are easy to create and can also be ordered through the Internet.
  • All required production steps of multi-colour stamps are fully controlled.
  • Re-ordering of identical, individual pads is straightforward and can be done at any time.
  • Original Trodat Multi Color Impression - direct from the inventor.